LAMY aion: Simply modern – with Eloxal anodisation

Lamy's new LAMY aion series of writing instruments, designed by the British industrial designer Jasper Morrison, is a minimalist, modern design approach characterised by its functionality. A new feature of the writing instrument manufacturing process is the "made in one piece" production method, in which both the body and the cap are manufactured as closed, seamless components with innovative surface structures. The grip zones of the writing instruments are matted, giving them a fine, pleasant-to-touch accent.

The base material of the fountain pens, ballpoint pens and rollerballs is aluminium and the casing components are deep-drawn in a special process. Grinding, brushing (or blasting for the grip), pickling, shining and anodising give the writing instruments their unique, textured surface finish. Anodising as well as some of the pre-treatment and assembly work are carried out by the Holzapfel Group.

The right shade of colour is essential

The writing instruments consist of three different components: the body, the grip and the cap. For this reason, the right shade of colour is essential for anodising, as this is the only way to continue assembling from one batch to the next. For one single writing instrument, matt, silk-matt and glossy components are combined that are visually different but still present themselves as a perfect unit.

The fact that the Holzapfel Group can also produce unsaturated colours was one of the reasons why Lamy chose the Hesse-based surface specialist. Innovation and project manager Michael Kolb is convinced that expert advice also contributed to the successful cooperation with Lamy: "We responded flexibly to the customer's requirements right from the sampling stage and created samples and prototypes on the basis of small colour examples shown to us on triangular strips." During the further course of the project, Lamy's visual concepts were implemented in such a way that even larger series quantities were anodised reliably – in reproducible, consistent quality and with identical colour hues, facilitating assembly from one batch to the next.

Additional peripheral services


Black and olive-silver anodising was not the only service the Holzapfel Group provided in their cooperation with Lamy. In the pre-treatment process, partial matting is achieved by means of blasting. This matting contributes to the pleasant feel of the textured grip, which always sits perfectly in the hand due to its metallic cool-touch effect.

Moreover, an internal brass component built into the writing instruments (inner sleeve) is nickel-plated, i.e. galvanically gloss nickel-plated, by the Holzapfel Group. This component also matches seamlessly with the overall design of the Lamy writing instruments. Functionality is also called for here, as the inner sleeve is firmly built into the grip. In addition, it is important to ensure that the threads between the grip and the body are threaded, and therefore that the coating is precise, to guarantee a "smooth" screw connection.

As an additional service, the Holzapfel Group also installs a closing ring in the caps of the writing instruments using specially designed equipment. The ring prevents noise when putting on and taking off the cap, making the writing instruments even smarter.

The overall performance of the Holzapfel Group convinced Lamy and samples for potential follow-up orders are already being anodised – with new, fascinating colour shades.

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