Photorealistic anodised surfaces

The enhancement of anodised surfaces provides a wide range of options for customising aluminium components, opening up new, creative prospects for the construction and design of the components, thus guaranteeing you a competitive edge.

Individual Anodisation Surface Solutions (A.SS) open up entirely new possibilities for customising anodised surfaces, even when it comes to coating entire hybrid composite parts. A.SS make it possible to custom-design the optics of metal coatings – right from the colouring to "built-in" photos and other features. Images, logos, texts, serial numbers, barcodes, etc. can all be integrated in the anodisation process, accurate in every detail. At the same time, the coated surface has the "hard", wear-resistant properties typical for anodised materials. A.SS are ideal for vehicle interior applications such as control elements,  for consumer goods and promotional articles. For liquid-tight composites of aluminium and plastic, the process can also be applied to hybrid materials and is therefore highly useful in the field of lightweight construction.

Images and logos protected in the anodised surface pores
Anodisation Surface Solutions utilise a printing process that captures the image, logo or lettering in the anodised layer of the aluminium. The dye is therefore not applied to the surface, but integrated and protected within the material. Colour gradients and photos can be implemented in a range of colours in the pores of the anodised surface, directly from a digital file. Thanks to state-of-the-art digital printing technology, even photorealistic images and colour gradients are easy to implement – without the films and screens normally needed for screen printing. Even alternating texts, serial numbering and barcodes can be reproduced. Custom-designed surfaces such as grinding patterns, facets, coarseness, glass bead- or corundum-blasted surfaces as well as images retain their properties, even after A.SS coating.

Coating entire hybrid composite parts
The Holzapfel Group also makes it possible to individually coat complete hybrid composite parts with all the advantages of the "one way" value-added process. The parts are first coated in an anodising process. The dyes are then individually embedded in the pores of the anodised surface in a final stage of the production process, ensuring a high level of quality. The production sequence therefore prevents the anodised layer from becoming ruptured by processes such as back-injecting or glueing performed after coating. The process is thus ideally suitable for coating components back-injected with plastic that require highly aesthetic surface finishes.

A summary of the benefits:

  • A.SS utilises a printing process which captures the lettering, image or logo in the anodised layer of the aluminium.
  • The dye is not applied to the surface, but integrated and protected within the material.
  • State-of-the-art digital printing technology makes it possible to achieve photorealistic images and colour gradients.
  • Films and screens normally needed for screen printing are no longer required.
  • Can be used to process hybrid materials.
  • Printing is even possible on complex component geometries and irregular surfaces.
  • Can be easily used with structured surfaces (grooves, corrugations, holed or perforated surfaces).
  • Clean, smooth surfaces: the images or lettering captured in the anodised surface cannot be felt
  • A.SS surface coatings are highly durable and resistant to oils, greases and solvents.
  • The coatings can withstand mechanical damage such as scratching (fingernail test, tape test, flying sparks test).
  • Resistant to environmental stress; UV-resistant, depending on the shade.
  • Examples of application: automotive interior parts, smartphone cases, designer letter boxes, aircraft galleys, motorcycle cases, aluminium suitcases, loudspeakers, e-book reader cases, aluminium kitchen appliances, designer furniture.


You can find out more about A.SS on our process page 

Anodisation with the embedding of dyes, images, etc. in the pores of the anodised surface in a final production process. The process is therefore also suitable for hybrid materials.

With A.SS, the Holzapfel Group makes it possible to uniquely customise anodised surfaces by integrating images, logos and lettering.