Surface finishing concepts for busbars

Surface treatments for challenging and complex requirements

In the automobile industry, especially in electric mobility and hybrid technology as well as in drive trains, metal rails are used for high power transmission. These metal rails, i.e. busbars and conductor lines, are needed to conduct high-voltage currents for power transmission.

Busbars, usually made of copper or aluminium, are often treated with a surface finishing in order to ensure conductivity. Special surfaces are displayed to establish defined transition resistance for both screw connections and connectors.

Possible surface treatments for applications in electric mobility include, for example:

  • Electroless nickel (Low Phos, Mid Phos, High Phos)
  • Tin (tarnished and glossy), i.e. for tin-plated copper busbars
  • Electroless nickel plus tin
  • Electroless nickel plus silver
  • Silver
  • Tin plus silver
  • Galvanic nickel plus tin
  • Galvanic nickel plus silver
  • Surface characteristics can be influenced further with the help of passivations
  • Selective/partial plating of contact points is applicable.

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