Nickel Sulfamate / Technical Special Nickel Plating

Nickel SulfamateTechnical special nickel plating (electrolytically precipitated nickel out ouf nickel sulfamate) is also known as pure nickel plating, nickel sulphamate or technical nickel.

Nickel Sulfamate: process and advantages

Special nickel plating (10-30 µm) is used for anodes, cathodes and two-pole-electrodes. Other areas of usage are for example parts subject to wear or during the production of injection moulds and die-castings. Special nickel platings could also be used as part of a plating system, acting as a bonding agent between the multiple layers. In addition, the special nickel can play the role of corrosion protection within a plating system.

The pure nickel plating, combined with a special plating under vacuum, is also ideal to gain large surface enhancements for better effectiveness in electric machinery.

  1. Bendable, i.e. ductile layer of purest nickel with high e-module
  2. Very even, consistent layer thickness distribution possible
  3. High melting point of 1,435°C
  4. Layer thicknesses from 10 µm to 1000 µm as wear layer possible
  5. Can be used as an anti-corrosion layer and bonding agent in a layer system
  6. Hardness can be adjusted to suit the application
  7. Good wear protection
  8. High thermal conductivity: melting range approx. 1,400°C
  9. Good welding properties
  10. Positive breaking elongation
  11. High chemical resistance, especially to alkaline solutions (e.g. up to 75% sodium hydroxide)
  • In the production of hydrogen and oxygen
  • Anodes, cathodes, two-pole-electrodes
  • In the production of injection molds and die-casts

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