Zinc-nickel black (blackcor)

Zinc-nickel blackcor has all the advantatges of a zinc-nickel surface - Cr(VI) free black passivated

Black zinc-nickel plating

Black passivated Zn/Ni - the Cr(VI)-free alternative to proven transparent passivation.
Blackcor complies with all general automobile shipping instructions, even without sealing; hence it is particularly suitable for construction components with sealing surfaces or threads. The basic materials are steels, cast iron and powdered metals.
Zinc-nickel blackcor can be used to black-passivate barrel-plated goods Cr-VI-free.

  1. Reliable corrosion resistance of 240 h WR, 720 h RR
  2. Even layer thickness distribution
  3. Temperature stress 24 hrs. at 120°C without loss of corrosion resistance
  4. No contact corrosion with aluminium
  5. Can be used to differentiate same parts, i.e. l=black, r=transparent
  • Automotive and supplier industry (e. g. in attachment and pipe systems, in the engine compartment, in brake and magnetic systems, in locks and in the chassis area)
  • Building machinery industry
  • Mechanical engineering

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