Chrome plating (gloss, semi-matt)

Surface finishing is a frequently used method of decorating visible metal surfaces. Chrome plating (gloss, satin, semi-matt, silk matt) with copper-nickel-chrome is the coating system of choice when good corrosion protection and excellent optics are equally important.

Chrome plating in a great decorative variety

Whether gloss, silk matt or semi-matt chrome plating – a broad range of varying chrome surfaces can be achieved using the right pre-treatment and the layer system. When using the copper-nickel-chrome combination, the flexibility of the copper undercoat compensates possible tension between the component and the surface layer. Furthermore, it guarantees optimum adhesion, levels off and forms a corrosion barrier within the layer system. The copper plating also influences the subsequent glossy effect of the following layers. Depending on the selected thickness and layer combination, nickel provides a high degree of anti-corrosion protection. The electrolytic chrome is the final layer to be applied. 

Chrome plating: advantages

Chrome (whether gloss, semi-matt, silk matt or satin) is very hard, durable and resistant to tarnishing. Decorative chrome plating implemented in this combination can result in hard, silk matt or glossy chrome surfaces, depending on your requirements. As a layer system, copper, nickel and chrome are an unbeatable trio. In order to additionally increase the level of corrosion protection, we offer you microporous chrome.

A wide variety of substrates can be plated with copper-nickel-chrome, including aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and powdered metals. A new process that we now offer, which may interest a great many customers, is galvanic chroming on zinc die-castings. We have managed to make the process more reliable, so that highly sophisticated visible components are reproducible in series production with the desired level of gloss and varying haptics. By the way: we also offer black chrome plating – see here for more details.

  1. Very high corrosion resistance
  2. Excellent hardness retention and abrasion resistance
  3. Resistant to many acids and alkaline solutions
  4. Functional, very decorative coating
  5. Varying degrees of chrome plating gloss and hardness available
  6. Microporous chrome and chrome on zinc die castings possible

VW TL 203, F 350


The gloss level of the copper-nickel-chrome (Cu-Ni-Cr) layer system can be varied, either by an upstream polishing process or by the use of matt nickel in the intermediate layers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • The automotive industry (interior and exterior, e.g. speedometer rings, gear levers, central consoles, bearing plates for the engine)
  • Consumer and lifestyle products (e.g. household appliances, sports or leisure items, furniture, sanitary fittings, office products and machines, advertising and household items such as bottle openers)
  • Electrical industry (e.g. electrical appliances, lamps)
  • Medical devices / medical industry, e.g. handheld lasers
  • Optical industry / cameras (e.g. optical filters)
  • Precision mechanics
  • Two-wheelers

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