Decorative and protective surfaces – copper 
High-gloss, ductile layers with fine crystals are precipitated in an electrolytical process. Both acidic and cyanidic electrolytes are used. Copper has good covering properties and is mostly used as a substructure for other galvanic surfaces such as nickel and chrome. Cu/Ni and Cu/Ni/Cr coating systems fulfil numerous requirements in terms of corrosion protection, while providing a decorative appearance. Copper is often also used as an independent, functional or decorative plating. In addition to standard substrates such as iron and Cu-Zn materials, zinc die cast parts, powdered metals and aluminium are also plated.

  1. Clear levelling effects, good pre-treatment for ZN die-cast or sintered moulded components.
  2. Very good heat conductivity
  3. Excellent electrical conductivity

Copper surfaces have a decorative, reddish surface, which can be subsequently dyed if necessary. Once it has been given an antique finish, this creates an attractive and wear-resistant top coat. 

  • Automotive (frequently used are Cu/Ni or Cu/Ni/Cr coating systems)
  • Consumer industry (household implements, as substructures or coating systems)
  • Electrical industry
  • Mechanical engineering

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