Silver (Ag)

silver plating process

During the silver-plating process, silver layers (solid silver) are galvanically precipitated from electrolytes.

Silver plating

The precipitated layer has a glossy white colour. Silver has the highest reflectivity of all metals (80% to 90%). As silver oxide is also conductive, silver has high electrical conductivity and heat conductivity. Components can be finished on the rack as well as in the drum.

Potential passivations80% of our clients request anti-tarnish passivation. This is achieved via a post-dip solution.

  1. Resistant to saline solutions and food
  2. Silver-plated surfaces can be easily soldered.

MR WN 404 102-5


Very prone to the fingerprint effect. Hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and acetic acid have

little corrosive effect on silver, while nitric acid dissolves it.

  • Automotive
  • Chemical equipment engineering
  • Electrical industry (plugs, contacts)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Optics

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