By passing a current through a component switched to a tin galvano-electrolyte, a tin plating is precipitated onto the surface of the component.

Tin plating: process and advantages
The precipitated tin plating typically has a silvery-white colour and a glossy and soft surface. This decorative surface also provides good corrosion resistance, as a fine passivation layer is formed at the surface. The method used leads to very good throwing power, so that excellent results can be achieved, even on components with a very complex geometry. The dreaded "whisker formation" effect is suppressed. This lead-free method is RoHs-compatible. Components can be finished on the rack as well as in the drum.Among other materials, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and Zn die-cast components can be plated.

  1. Silvery-white glossy colour and soft surface
  2. Decorative and anti-corrosion
  3. Very easy to solder, suitable for soft-soldering surfaces
  4. Hardness: 20-30 HV
  5. Very good electrical conductivity
  6. High temperature resistance
  7. Exceptional throwing power makes for a very even deposit, enabling outstanding results, even on complex geometries
  8. Good compaction of conduits and crimp connections (soft surface)
  9. Highly suitable for decorative and technical solutions
  10. Safe for use with foodstuffs and drinking water
  11. RoHs-compliant
  12. Suitable for both drums and frames
  13. Both matt and glossy possible
  14. As selective applied surface feasible

Tin surfaces are prone to finger prints and tarnishing. Approx. 80% of our customers use passivations as protective means.

  • Automotive & supplying industry (i.e. connectors, busbars, conductor lines for battery systems etc.)
  • Electrical industry, electronics
  • Plating of connectors
  • Food industry, packaging
  • Sanitary(Fittings)
  • Consumer
  • Machine building industry
  • Medical technology

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