Polishing, mechanical

Mechanical polishing of components made from brass, steel and aluminium. Mechanical polishing is a smoothening process. Normally, two mechanisms contribute to the result. Firstly, some of the material is removed by the polishing agent. Secondly, any protruding points and burrs on the surface structure are smoothened out via plastic or partially plastic deformation.

Processing takes place by machine using special polishing agents. Components made from brass, aluminium and steel are polished.

  1. The polished surface is glossy due to its smoothness and is now ready for decorative applications.
  2. Surface flaws such as scratches or surface defects, as well as local corrosion, can be eliminated.
  3. The polishing process can lead to improved gliding properties
  4. Polishing is an essential pre-treatment for subsequent coating processes such as copper-plating, chrome-plating or anodising (for eloxal pre-treatment according to DIN 17611 – E3, E5)

Special attention must be given to possible flaws in the basic material. These are frequently “covered up” during the polishing process and could be uncovered again during the subsequent coating process. Polishing errors may result in surface flaws that are revealed during electroplating.

  • Automotive industry (e.g. interior fittings)
  • Consumer (e.g. high-quality kitchen accessories and fittings)
  • Lighting industry (high gloss surfaces, such as those of reflectors)
  • Furniture industry
  • Optical industry

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