Plating solutions for hydrogen production

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Techncal center to develop plating solutions for hydrogen production

Customised solutions to optimise technologies

The climate change discussion has placed even greater focus on the topic of sustainability. Hydrogen is the right answer to many of the questions surrounding the energy and raw materials transition, as it will play a key role as a source of energy and chemical raw material when it comes to achieving our climate protection targets.

Apart from research and development, engineering services and plant construction, surface technology is also playing a vital part in making hydrogen-based technologies fit for the future. By developing the corresponding functional layers, surface technology can provide the parts and components used in hydrogen technology with new properties – such as adding protective functions that make them more durable, energy effective and efficient.

Electroplating methods for electrodes

When it comes to electroplating the electrodes used in alkaline water electrolysis technology, we already have more than 20 years of experience, coating 15.000m² of component surfaces during that time. Together with Hydrotechnik, we can draw on 48 years of expertise in water electrolysis. Our research and systems engineering know-how, coupled with the experience of an industrial high-volume plating specialist for functional surfaces supplying the automotive industry, makes us an extremely competent partner in terms of coating technologies.


Efficiency and energy consumption of the electrode package

Electrode-packages are significant components of the electolyser. These electrode packages are multiply used and stacked within the system. These parts play an important role in defining overall efficiency and energy consumption of the hydrogen production. The Holzapfel electrode package can be customised according to individual, specific dimensions.

The spacing between the electrodes and the bipolar plate can be specifically adjusted to the customer’s construction, also Zero-gap cell design can be realised. We also developed a method to connect the electrode packages (anode - bipolar plate - cathode) coherent and gas tight with each other. The risk of gas impurities due to leaking screwed connections in the stack is omitted.





Solutions for sustainable and efficient platings for hydrogen technology

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Plated part for a hydrogen production plant

  • Efficiency improvement of the catalytic layers in order to save energy
  • Effective reduction of both material and production costs
  • Solutions for scalable procceses
  • Plating of cathodes with an improved efficiency compared to Ni
  • Development and production of individual electrode packages
  • Zero-distance electrode
  • Complete electrode packages with gas tight and  coherent connections


As your industrial partner, we can plate the following parts with our surface treatments:

  • Electrodes (anodes, cathodes)
  • Bipolar plates
  • End plates
  • Cell frames and other water-bearing components
  • We take care of production, assembly and completion of electrode packages.




Platings for H2 technology

Possible surface treatments include:

  • Nickel sulfamate
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Galvanic nickel
  • Silver
  • Tin
  • Combined surface treatments


For further information, please download our brochure on plating solutions for hydrogen production (PDF file)

  1. More than 20 years of experience with platings for hydrogen production technology
  2. Various platings solutions (also combinations) available, customised for the requirements of the specific system
  3. Plating of electrodes (anodes, cathodes), bipolar plates, end plates, cell frames and other water-bearing components
  4. Electrode-packages from Holzapfel can be customised for the individual, specific measurements of the system
  5. Production, assembly and completion of electrode-packages
  • Electrolyzers
  • Plants for hydrogen production

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