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Film Fast Plating Technology

Holzapfel Group offers a new technology for high-speed plating. This technology electroplates each component individually regardless of ever changing requirements.



Whitepaper Electroless Nickel

When contour and dimensional accuracy are key: Functional electroless nickel surfaces, also known as nickel phosphorus (NiP), are an ideal solution for components with complex geometries. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from automotive industry to mechanical engineering and electrical industry.

Surfaces for electric mobility (part 2): New plating concepts for battery casings, busbars, connectors, etc.

The second part of "Surfaces for electric mobility" deals with plating solutions for specific components such as busbars, connectors and battery casings.

Surfaces for electric mobility (part 1)

Electric mobility is becoming increasingly popular, although admittedly not as quickly as anticipated a few years ago. Yet surface technology has to adopt to the upcomings changes.

Electroless nickel – when accuracy is everything

The Holzapfel Group offers electroless nickel plating with varying levels of phosphorous content (low-phos, mid-phos, high-phos)

Surface finishing concepts for busbars

Special surface treatments for parts in electric mobility such as connectors and busbars

Holzapfel’s Sinter Surface Solutions enables zinc-nickel plating of PM automotive components

Powder Metallurgy Review: Holzapfel Metallveredelung GmbH, Sinn, Germany, reports that its Sinter Surface Solutions technology has successfully enabled the impregnation and subsequent zinc-nickel plating of a safety-critical...



THE answer to rust for 30 years

The Holzapfel Group has more or less "grown up" with zinc-nickel. Our company history began in 1949 with the "Holzapfel galvanising plant and precision mechanics workshop", founded by Willy Holzapfel in...

Good reasons to consider electroplating in design

In many cases, the surface properties required for components in terms of corrosion protection, various functionalities and optical aspects are only considered after the design stage is concluded. However, involving an...

LAMY aion: Simply modern – with Eloxal anodisation

Lamy's new LAMY aion series of writing instruments, designed by the British industrial designer Jasper Morrison, is a minimalist, modern design approach characterised by its functionality. A new feature of the writing instrument...

Increasing efficiency and lifetime of electrode packages through plating

ZSW, Etogas and the Holzapfel Group jointly develop a manufacturing concept for producing hydrogen by electrolysis

Designs compatible with plating can cut costs

The field of cost engineering covers not only the science of engineering, but also commercial aspects. On the commercial side, it focuses on the management of project costs such as preliminary costing, cost control, calculations,...

Up with the bonnet

Intricate locking disc for passive pedestrian protection manufactured using powder metallurgy requires reliable impregnation and coating The locking disc is part of a passive pedestrian protection system, i.e. a system that...

Anodisation without treating the crucial areas

In the past, it was only possible to produce anodised components with an earthing point by elaborately reworking them, making the process uneconomical in most cases. Creating the potential equalisation point economically at the...

First the zinc-nickel coating, then forming or bending

Development partnerships are a welcome challenge for the Holzapfel Group, as they lead to innovative coating processes and therefore to a new array of options for customers and their components.

Photorealistic anodised surfaces

The enhancement of anodised surfaces provides a wide range of options for customising aluminium components, opening up new, creative prospects for the construction and design of the components, thus guaranteeing you a competitive...