Based on three processes, we present you with a complete solution for the automotive sector.


Based on three processes, we present you with a complete solution of surface coating for the automotive sector.

Sinter Surface Solutions


Sintered materials must be impregnated before they are plated. The reason is that due to their sponge-like structure, sintered metallurgical components frequently absorb the liquid used during the finishing process, and gradually release them later (so-called “bleed-out”). This frequently results in salts being deposited on the surfaces of galvanic plating such as zinc and zinc alloy processes. The mainly alkaline substances then attack the metal plating, leaving behind localised corrosion damage and/or visual imperfections.

Solution with added value

With Sinter Surface Solutions, the Holzapfel Group has developed a process which reliably prevents the defect that causes bleed-out. The all-in-one solution comprising impregnation and coating was awarded the “Surface 2012 in Silver” prize by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA). The process also received the Leipzig Galvanic Prize 2013 from the DGO regional groups of Saxony and Thuringia.

Interesting for

The automotive industry (e.g. transmission parts (rings, hubs, clutch bodies), in the engine compartment (gearwheels, bearing covers, sprockets), in the steering system (pistons, guides)

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Benefit for the customer

Impregnation and plating are both performed by one company, which means there are no additional transportation and logistics costs involved, and the processing stages are handled by one single contact. Furthermore, both stages are optimally coordinated with each other as well as with the sintered workpiece.