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Anodised Individual

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[Translate to English:] Individuell gestaltete Oberfläche durch Eloxieren

Anodises Individual A.SS

Anodised Individual A.SS (Anodisation Surface Solutions) is anodisation with digital printing and enables individually anodised surfaces with integrated photos, logos, texts and colours. Prints are integrated within the oxidation surface of the aluminum and are thus protected within the material.

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Anodised Individual Hybrid

Anodised Individual Hybrid enables anodisation in all kinds of colours für hybride componetns (metal-plastic-composites). Anodisation is the last step in the process, ensurin a high level of quality.

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Anodised partial plus

Partial plus anodisation erzeugt partially anodised surfaces with an integrated conductive earthing point. Selective Oxidation of the aluminum enables generating a conductive point without further productions steps.

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