Powder coating

the decorative, corrosion protective powder coating offers various options of coloring including all RAL-colors as well as special colors, NCS- and RDS-color systems.

Powder coating: process and advantages
During this coating process, the powder is electrostatically loaded and sprayed onto the component to be coated. The powder is then fired at approximately 200°C. This provides the coating with permanent anchorage on the component and subsequently gives it a decorative appearance.

Powder coating can be applied as a thin-layer powder coating with a layer thickness between 30 and 50 μm. Holzapfel Group can also apply an ultrathin powder coating with only approx. 20 to 40 μm. This extremely thin powder coating is interesting for applications where fitting accuracy is essential, for example if various components have to be assembled. For technical requirements such as studs or fine punching that have to be kept without coating, the ultrathin powder coating is also suitable.

The type of powder used determines the properties of the coating. The coatings applied are relatively thick, i.e. between 60 and 120 µm, and very corrosion-resistant. The process is environmentally compatible and almost waste-free, as the powder can be recycled.

01  Decorative surface
02  Individual colours possible - in all RAL colours, special colours, NCS- and RDS- colour systems
03  UV resistant
04  High degree of corrosion protection
05  Resistant against high temperatures

This method can also be used as a duplex method, using a base coat made from zinc, zinc alloy or CDC, to achieve particularly high levels of protection 1000 h against base metal corrosion, using a salt spray test according to DIN 50021 SS.

  • Automotive and supplier industry (as a stone chip coating for components in the chassis area, interior and exterior)
  • Building machinery industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Mechanical engineering industry

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