Anodised Partial Plus (HT-C60)

Some anodisation applications require that the component is not completely anodised, for example when the component in question needs to remain partially conductive after anodising (such as the earthing point on the protective casings of electrical devices). Till now it was only possible to create a conductive point by performing an additional process step.

However, with our enhanced Anodised Partial Plus (HT-C60) process we integrate the creating of a conductive earthing point in the coating process. The potential equalisation point is created during anodising and does not require separate reworking.

The process innovation came about as the result of a special customer requirement from the automotive industry to produce casings for electronic components that regulate and control electrical consumers. The idea for Anodised Partial Plus was promoted and implemented in the course of a development project for small and medium-sized companies.

Further anodisation processes

  1. Creates a non-anodised earthing point during the anodising process
  2. No reworking required – saves a complete process stage, lowering the risk of rejects
  3. Anodised surface with integrated potential equalisation point is bondable and protected from corrosion
  4. Can be applied to hybrid materials
  5. Unsaturated colours or colour mixtures are also possible, depending on customers’ requirements
  6. Wear- and scratch-resistant aluminium oxide layer with hardness up to 500 HV
  7. Colouring, appearance and haptics reproducible
  8. Non-toxic
  9. High electrical insulation effect
  10. Very high temperature stability
  11. Workpieces free of damage and distortion
  • Electrical power devices and ballasts with metal casings, preferably aluminium
  • Multi-layered casings or casing lids
  • Automotive industry and suppliers (interiors and exteriors)
  • Consumer goods industry (household items, designer and luxury goods)
  • Optical industry (components for lenses, camera casings, etc.)
  • Mechanical engineering industry
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