Anodised Individual Hybrid

Hybrid components and also metal-plastic composites in which genuine metal surfaces are applied to plastic components are in high demand for applications such as vehicle interiors in the automotive industry. They unite the advantages of lightweight construction with the visual and haptic elegance of a metal surface.

With Anodised Individual Hybrid, the Holzapfel Group offers its customers a process that is ideally suitable for surface finishing on components back-injected with plastic that need to have a highly decorative look. Anodised Individual Hybrid makes it possible to coat complete hybrid composite parts with the advantages of the “one way” value-added process. The parts are coated in an anodising process. The dyes are then individually embedded in the pores of the anodised surface in a final stage of the production process, ensuring a high level of quality. The production sequence prevents the anodised layer from becoming ruptured by processes such as back-injecting or gluing performed after coating.

Further anodisation processes

  1. A wide range of colours and special colours can be used, including transparent and black
  2. Unsaturated colours or colour mixtures are also possible, depending on customers’ requirements
  3. Highly decorative surfaces; defined gloss levels possible, from matt to glossy
  4. Can be applied to hybrid materials
  5. Liquid-tight composite of aluminium and plastic possible
  6. The anodising process is purposely placed at the end of the value-added chain and effectively eliminates any blemishes that may have resulted from upstream mechanical production processes
  7. Rejection of defects along the entire value-added chain of mechanical pre-production also possible without additional handling
  8. Wear- and scratch-resistant aluminium oxide layer with hardness up to 500 HV
  9. Colouring, appearance and haptics reproducible
  10. Workpieces free of damage and distortion
  11. Non-toxic
  12. High electrical insulation effect
  13. Very high temperature stability
  14. Provides extremely high-standard anodised surface, e.g.: RoHS-compliant, cool touch, no visual imperfection, scratch-resistant, full aluminium look on plastic basis achievable

BMW 90010

Normen, nach denen wir u.a. Eloxal Individual aufbringen

PN 11011 Kennzeichnung W

DIN 17611

Leica-Norm, Basisblatt für Oberflächen

Norm CZN 2202-3

Bosch 67 F 367 02

  • Consumer goods (e.g. domestic appliances, headphones)
  • Automotive (interiors)
  • Two-wheelers
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical industry
  • The optical goods industry
  • Microscopy, dimensional metrology, light barriers
  • The jewellery industry
  • The glass industry
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