Surfaces for electric mobility applications

coating systems for e-mobility

Customised coating solutions for the future of electric mobility

Electric mobility is a mega-trend in the automotive industry that offers increasing growth prospects for both hybrid and all-electric vehicles. As a partner with a wealth of experience, the Holzapfel Group develops coatings in close collaboration with leading process suppliers, working specifically on coating solutions for electric mobility applications, which are about a lot more than merely lightweight design. New approaches to coatings and processes are also required for the electrical applications required in e-mobility, which are being produced in ever-larger quantities.
With our wide-ranging coating and service portfolio and our expertise in functional coatings, in the dynamic e-mobility solutions market segment we are helping our customers to drive forward the future of electric mobility.

Functional coatings for e-mobility applications

Creating functional coatings without impairing the technical properties of the coated base material is just as much an issue as contact corrosion, the transmission of high-voltage electricity or the creation of functional characteristics that are sometimes not provided by the base material, such as electrical conductivity.
Working closely together with you as our customer, we can develop trendsetting concepts that meet the requirements of tomorrow's mobility. Our e-mobility competence team is at your service to help you specifically develop your e-mobility applications. We will be happy to advise you: elektromobilitaet(at)

Whether battery casings, busbars, power rails, cable lugs or plug connectors, we already use functional coatings for a broad range of e-mobility applications, such as electroless nickel, tin, silver, CDC or layer systems, including combinations of these processes.

Coating solutions for e-mobility applications

We offer you ready-made solutions for your e-mobility applications. A variety of coatings can be considered, depending on the component and the application.

You can find further information on coatings for electric mobility and specific examples of application in our articles:

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Surfaces for electric mobility applications

We develop individual surfaces to meet the demands of e-mobility - from transmission of high-voltage electricity or electrical conductivity to light-weight construction and contact corrosion.

We offer you ready-made solutions for your e-mobility applications, for battery casings, busbars, power rails or plug connectors - get in touch with us!

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