Zinc-Nickel transparent (transcor)

Transcor is a high-quality, Cr(VI)-free process for transparent corrosion protection and is unique in Europe.

Advantages of transparent zinc-nickel plating

Zinc-nickel transcor as a transparent zinc-nickel plating has clear advantages over other processes. Rack-finished goods treated with transcor, for example, do not have to be additionally sealed. This ensures the avoidance of drop formation on sealing surfaces and definite adherence to dimensional tolerances. It also reduces handling complexity. Subsequent varnishes (CDC- or powder-coating) are also easy when transcor has been used, as it ensures good adhesive properties. This environmentally compatible process does not make use of cobalt and organic acids, thus protecting both your health and the environment.

  1. excellent thermal shock properties
  2. exceptionally high corrosion resistance
  3. No contact corrosion with aluminium, which will prove useful for the light construction projects the automobile industry foresees for the future.
  4. Most passivations contain cobalt, whereas Holzapfel Group's transcor already meets high environmental requirements and therefore contains no cobalt.

The corrosion protection amounts to 480 h white rust resistance and 720 h red rust resistance without sealing. Suitable post finishing treatments using appropriate top coats can further increase these values. A lubricant can also be added.

  • Automotive and supplier industry (e. g. brackets and pipes in the engine compartment that are subject to high thermal load, rotating parts (for brake and magnetic systems))
  • Building machinery
  • Precision engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Solar and wind energy

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