Environmental commitment

Good intentions alone are not enough when it comes to conserving resources and preserving nature. Responsible action is called for and that's why we actively took up this issue years ago. In fact, we were the first electroplating company in Europe to be validated in accordance with EMAS I standards back in 1996 (reg. no. DE-117-00001). Since then, we have successfully applied and continually developed our environmental management system. We constantly modernise our production facilities in line with the latest technological standards, making them among the most environmentally friendly in the industry.

Energy management system ISO 50001 across entire Group

We have also introduced the energy management system ISO 50001 across the entire Holzapfel Group and successfully passed the ISO 50001 audit in July 2015.  The Group's companies use the energy management system to systematically and continuously improve energy efficiency standards. Transparent energy analysis enables us to permanently optimise energy consumption. Our efforts to reduce energy costs also mean greater resource efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and therefore a sustainable approach to the environment.

Environmentally friendly coating methods

Sustainable manufacturing technologies such as the PIUS production-integrated environmental protection and sustainable energy management for the optimal use of all resources make a decisive contribution to our environmentally friendly coating methods.

Here you can see which validations and certifications we have already gained:

Holzapfel Group
Holzapfel Group ISO 50001:2011 (PDF)
Attachment for ISO 50001:2011 (PDF)

EMAS-III environmental engagement (PDF)

HMV ISO 14001:2015 (PDF)

ISO 14001:2015 (PDF)

What EMAS means for us

  • We have drawn up binding environmental guidelines with basic intentions and voluntary commitments and act accordingly. We communicate these guidelines and goals both internally and externally to customers, suppliers and business partners.
  • We self-evidently comply with environmental laws, regulations and other specifications.
  • We have fully integrated our employees in these efforts.
  • We determine the impacts of our activities on the environment, assess them and present them in the form of suitable key indicators.
  • We set ourselves improvement targets and take practical steps to achieve them.
  • We continuously monitor our own standards, goals and behaviours by means of environmental audits.
  • We regularly publish an environmental statement about our environmental protection activities.
  • We have our environmental management system and environmental statement regularly reviewed by independent external environmental auditors.
  • We are registered in the EMAS participant register at our Chamber of Industry and Commerce and can be found there for customers looking for an EMAS-validated partner.

View our EMAS-certificate