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We offer more than just surface finishing – we also design and produce plating systems customised to suit your component.

We design, develop and build plating equipment. The entire plant technology is tailored to suit your component and its specifications, including the integration of automation technology (e.g. for assembly and inspection).

We have over ten years of experience in this type of process technology. We plate each component individually, perfectly and economically – right down to the last detail. The technology is precisely adapted to suit the component you wish to plate, making it possible to implement every surface specification, from selective plating to varying layer thicknesses on the same component. The technology can be used for the vast majority of electroplated surfaces.

High-speed individual plating guarantees you exact layer thicknesses and accurately reproducible tolerances. We control and document the process parameters during series manufacturing to make sure each and every component meets your exacting standards, to ensure outstanding quality and enduring process reliability. We can also perform a 100% check for previously agreed characteristics if required.

We perform as your supplier – and you profit from our wealth of experience and know-how in surface treatment technology and serial production.

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