Excellent standards in quality management and environmental management

Smooth production processes

Quality plays a major role in the coating industry. This is because only high-quality coated parts ensure smooth production processes further along the process chain. At the same time, business processes in the coating industry are often tightly scheduled, with delivery times of only 24 hours in some cases nothing unusual. Some of the items that arrive for coating have only been scheduled a few hours in advance. In order to take account of the accompanying time pressure and at the same time provide the highest quality coating, an optimal set-up is required – in terms of personnel, logistics and technology.

We guarantee you outstanding quality and environmental standards:

  • Continuous improvement processes for producing top-quality coatings
  • Process and planning reliability thanks to state-of-the-art product and process monitoring methods
  • Use of the FMEA system (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) to assess, analyse and minimise defects right at the process planning phase
  • Process and product reliability through legal compliance: We comply with all legal requirements in your best interest
  • Value stream-optimised logistics ensure speed and flexibility
  • We conserve both resources and the environment by using the corresponding manufacturing technologies, such as PIUS production-integrated environmental protection and the EMAS III environmental management system
  • Sustainable energy management for the optimum utilisation of all resources

Working with us, you can quite rightly expect quality!

Guaranteed outstanding quality

Process optimisation

Regularly trained personnel, state-of-the-art methods of product and process monitoring and top-level quality management (QM) guarantee outstanding quality. Our lean management system and the continuous improvement process embedded in it contribute to the continuous optimisation of our processes.

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