Development partnership

Designing the ideal surface finish together

You create an innovative product, we produce the right surface finish to match it. However, our development partnership begins long before reaching the series production stage.
Leveraging our problem-solving expertise, we develop innovative, efficient processes that accurately meet your specific needs. We keenly focus on low-cost, high-quality coatings precisely adapted to suit your products and their requirements. We call this approach "development partnership", a method also often known as "cost engineering" or "design to cost".

Interdisciplinary development work on surface finishing

Here we are talking about jointly developing your components, considering aspects of every discipline, including the surface finishing. The engineering and technological aspects are equally taken into account alongside the commercial considerations (e.g. profitability, value stream analyses, project cost management, i.e. preliminary costing, cost controlling, calculation, etc.). Project management focuses on issues such as process and workflow planning as well as scheduling. The technical aspects of development are also taken into account by designing manufacturing processes as cost-effectively as possible right from the outset, e.g. in component production, electroplating and assembly.

Interdisciplinary, cross-company cooperation between the component manufacturer, the plating specialist and the process supplier plays a major role in this approach. The component geometry, design and layer system are all coordinated jointly and, if necessary, the basic material of the component and its quality are adapted in order to achieve the desired material and surface properties as cost-effectively as possible. The desired surface properties, i.e. the required degree of corrosion protection, functional aspects such as chemical or acid resistance, and decorative properties such as colour requirements or the degree of gloss are the main factors in selecting the right coating.

Development partnership – long before production begins

Your advantages include custom-designed surfaces that are ideally adapted to suit your components and their requirements. We also consider possible alternatives at an early stage and, if relevant, design adaptations to suit the required plating process. We take a customer-oriented approach to designing future-proof surface solutions, deriving maximum benefit from our wealth of experience, expertise and 70 years of knowledge gained in the field of surface finishing. We love to take on development projects that challenge our creative and innovative ability.

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Numerous practical applications show the success of joined, interdisciplinary development work: