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Hand-held laser medical technology

A hand-held laser used in medical technology applications required two different types of coating for its inner and outer casing. Whereas the interior needs to maintain functionality, the exterior calls for optics, haptics and sterilisability.

Solution with added value
The Holzapfel Group passivated the inner casing of the medical device and anodised the outer casing. The passivation of the inner casing prevents the base material from oxidising and at the same time guarantees the electrical conductivity of the various components. These aspects of passivation are crucial for ensuring that the inner casing not only holds the laser securely but that it also maintains its functionality. At the same time, passivation also maintains the visual value of the component by preventing the aluminium from tarnishing or becoming corroded. Without passivation, the aluminium casing would become unsightly within a short time due to frequent contact.

Conversely, the appearance and haptics of the outer casing play an important role, and the casing also needs to be sterilisable at 135°C. The anodising process is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for dental applications and optimally meets these requirements. For the external casing of the handheld laser, three different components need to be anodised and assembled. The anodising processes carried out by the Holzapfel Group ensure that the individual parts harmonise optically and match one another exactly in terms of both colour and gloss. The colouring is done without paint and without an additional layer structure. Furthermore, the anodising is done with exact precision to ensure that the individual parts fitted with bayonet fastenings can be optimally assembled. A further advantage: Anodising makes the surface of the casing harder and provides abrasive protection for a secure grip.

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Benefits for the customer

With its wide range of processes, the Holzapfel Group offers surface solutions for a wide variety of requirements and applications. Thus the different coatings for the hand-held laser – the passivating of the inner casing and the anodising of the outer casing – can be performed from one source.