Specifications, norms and standards

Norms are essential for standards and their compliance, especially when it comes to the safety of the user. For this reason it goes without saying that we are well versed in all relevant standards relating to surface finishing.

Here you will find all the standards we can implement for you, including all surface regulations commonly applicable in the automotive industry:

VW (Group)
VW TL 217 (Zinc)
VW TL 244 (Zinc-nickel)
VW TL 244 r642 or r643 or r647 (bendable Zinc-nickel)
VW TL 153 (Zinc-iron)
VW TL260 (CPD)
VW TL227 (CPD)
VW TL262 (CPD)

Mercedes Benz
DBL 8451.15 (Zinc transparent) - for parts without thread
DBL 8451.16 (Zinc transparent) - for parts with thread
DBL 8451.12 (Zinc) - for parts without thread
DBL 8451.22 (Zinc) - for parts with thread
DBL 8451.66 (Zinc-nickel)
DBL 8451.76 (Zinc-nickel)
DBL 8451.62 (Zinc-nickel)
DBL 8451.72 (Zinc-nickel)
DBL 8451.65 (Zinc-nickel)
DBL 8451.86 (Zinc-iron)
DBL 8451.96 (Zinc-iron)
DBL 8427.10 (bendable zinc-nickel)
DBL 7381 – 20/22 (CPD)
DBL 7391 - 04/54 (CPD)
DBL 7390 – 50 (CPD)

BMW (Goup)
GS 90010-1 ZNT (Zinc)
GS 90010-1 (Zinc-nickel)
GS 90010-1 (Zinc-iron)
GS 90010 ZNNIVSI (bendable zinc-nickel)
GS90011 – LASW3 (CPD)
BMW 90010 (anodic oxidisation, anodisation)

GMW 3044 (Zinc)
GMW 4700 (Zinc-nickel)
GMW 4700 (Zinc-iron)
GMW 14671 (CPD)
GMW 0047 (Zinc-nickel)
GMW 4700 (Zinc)

Ford WSS-M2P177-B1/B2 (CPD)
Ford WSB-M64J28 (CPD)
Ford WSK-M2P153-A1 up to A6 08/023 (CPD)
Ford WSS-M21P51 (S-450) (Zinc-nickel)

Volvo STD 1281,21 (CPD)
Volvo STD 5751,59 – E3 (CPD)
Volvo STD 121-0001 Y600-2/Y600-3 (CPD)

PN 11011 identification W (anodic oxidisation, anodisation; CPD)

Renault 47-01-000 (CPD)

PSA B155220 (CPD)

John Deere
John Deere LaN 683 (CPD)

Continental N 106 36.31 (CPD + powder)

Bosch 0204Y81080-AB (CPD)
Bosch N67 F 367 02 (anodic oxidisation, anodisation)

Miele 3021/03 (CPD)

DIN EN ISO 4527 (electroless nickel); replacement for DIN 50966
EN ISO 2081: Dezember 2008; Replacement for DIN EN 12329: 2000-09 und DIN 50961 (Zinc)
DIN 50962 Zinc-nickel)
DIN 50962 (Zinc-iron)
DIN 50979 (Zinc)
DIN 50979 (Zinc-nickel)
DIN 50979 (Zinc-iron)
DIN 17611 (anodic oxidisation, anodisation)
DIN EN ISO 4527 (autocatalytically deposited nickel-phosphorous alloy coatings, chemical nickel)
Leica-Norm, Basis material for surfaces (anodic oxidisation, anodisation)
Zeiss-Norm CZN 2203-3 (Anodising)
R WN 404 102-5 (Silver)
Bosch N67 F 367 02 (anodic oxidisation, anodisation)

If you are unable to find the standard you require, then contact us – we can also produce surface coatings in accordance with other standards or to meet your own specific standards!

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